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"AiEspacio Coworking Space" is the first Coworking Space in Villa La Angostura that serves both as a physical workplace and a community of members. We provide access to first-class coworking spaces (individual and communal) in a prosperous environment surrounded by people and their related businesses; an environment in the Patagonian mountain range wherein you will be able to carry out your professional tasks and strengthen your individual and team skills within a community.

In the AiEspacio community not only do we share the facilities, but the knowledge and good practices that favor professional collaboration, incubation of projects, and the development of a business and entrepreneurial community.

Living in an environment that combines work and a sense of community, where quality of life is fundamentally prioritized; is possible through our facilities and the breathtaking place where we are located. For those who visit Villa La Angostura, we are ideal for combining work and vacation - Workation.

AiEspacio was founded by our consultant company Aintegra, in 2018. Its main target is to promote the development of professionals and entrepreneurs who may not have their own work space, while also sharing knowledge and experiences.

Owing to the trust of our national and international members; we consider that 2020 is the year to start a new stage of expansion and development of new initiatives.

Why choose us?

Are you thinking of prioritizing your and your family’s quality of life and developing in a friendlier, more natural and social environment? We can help you to "Live in Paradise” offering you not only an ideal space to work in, but also a warm and professional community. If you are a frequent work traveller, there are many reasons you should choose AiEspacio.

  • 01 Facilities

    We have modern facilities, reliable Internet and a wonderful view of the Andes Mountains. We are located on the legendary Route 40 with plenty of parking spaces available. You will find a supermarket, a petrol station, a pharmacy, and a wide range of accommodation in close vicinity of our premises.

  • If you join AiEspacio, you will be part of an ecosystem of professionals and entrepreneurs who share a similar vision of economic and personal development. In our community you will find people of various disciplines and abilities, such as: economics professionals, artists and creative people, software developers and HR specialists, among others. If you have begun your journey as a professional or entrepreneur, AiEspacio is the right path for you.

  • Traditional educational training is no longer sufficient for an increasingly competitive business and job market. Digitization and new consumer trends demand continuous updating and training. At AiLearning, our learning platform; you can acquire and share experiences, knowledge and training from a handful of qualified professionals in different areas of learning and knowledge.

  • If you are about to start a business or need to acquire or consolidate your knowledge and tools to design an action plan that enhances the digitization of your business (efficiency, organization, productivity and increased sales), ask us about our training proposal for entrepreneurs "Start your Digital Journey".

  • Teleworking and the digital economy have made possible the relocation of employment, professional services and economic ventures in general. Our consultant company Aintegra exports professional services from AiEspacio. If you are thinking of prioritizing your and your family’s quality of life from a friendlier, more natural and social environment, we can help you to “Living in paradise”.



We are usually online Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm (ART). The following are our ways of contact details:


Avenida Arrayanes 450 ,
Villa la Angostura - Neuquén
(Paseo El Mercado)

Cell Phone:

+549 294 424-6655